Why your millennial aged kids may love theatre more than you think.

The stigma of theatre being geared solely towards a retirement aged demographic has had a cultural shift within recent years, enticing an increasingly younger audience. The reason for this is simply because millennials (Ages 18-34) are artsier than given credit, and there are statistics back to it up. 78% of millennials believe that the arts are relevant to their personal interests, and 70% agreed the arts are events that would like to attend more often, so they shouldn’t be written off too quickly in this industry.

Young Persons Watching Theatre Show

From a generation raised on instant access to any form of media; whether it be binging a Netflix series or just viewing the world through a glass screen, an interest in a less modern form of entertainment bloomed. Remove instant gratification, and bring on the gratifying experience of the arts through theatre. Of course, there has to be social media inclusion somehow; 40% of millennials post on social media about planning to go to the before the event and 45% post information on social media after the event.

While the industry is making a youthful demographic shift, just pair that with the “foodie” movement rampant among millennials and you’ve effectively found Herongate Barn Theatre. Ontario’s longest standing venue for amazing food, theatre, and fun.

You may wonder why this matters. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of Herongate’s many visitors in the 45-65 age group. You may have thought that your kids have no interest in theatre, and you visit Herongate with similar aged friends and family. After seeing the statistics above we hope you can encourage the millennials in your life to get out for the experience as well, such as turning date night into a family night and get everyone involved. We hope to see you AND your family soon at Herongate Barn Theatre for some wholesome family entertainment.

Statistics posted are gathered from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-bidnick/broadway-is-cool-again_b_8246964.html

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