Why We’re The Longest Running Canadian Barn Dinner Theatre Venue

  1. The Atmosphere

    At Herongate people feel like they’re at home. Our rustic barn gives a feeling of nostalgia, and our friendly staff help bring us together to all feel like a connected community. It’s the place to go whether it’s by yourself or with a large group of people for a nice home cooked meal and a great show.


  2. The Community

    At Herongate we want to be involved with our community whether it’s fundraisers or honouring past loved ones we will always come together and bring positivity to one another. We are invested in our people, so whether it’s telling jokes trying to get a laugh while you’re enjoying your food to getting to know the actors after the show and sharing a drink with them, you can always count on more than JUST a meal and a show.

  3. The Staff

    Our staff are very dedicated to bringing the best experience to our guests. To prepare for meals, we will cook for hours on end to prepare only the best for our guests. To prepare for shows, our actors and actresses spend so much time rehearsing and memorizing lines, it baffles us every time to see them perform so fluently. There’s also so much more going on behind the scenes from the owner putting in double time to get everything perfect to the stagehands helping everything go smoothly, we are always putting our best foot forward!


  4. The Food

    Our food is always fresh, prepared by some of our best local cooks. We love bringing you a nice home cooked meal to chow down on before you laugh yourself silly! Whether it’s fresh bread to gala wine and cheese we have you covered!


  5. The Laughs

    We have performed over a hundred plays in the past 40 years. We usually perform comedy as we live to make you laugh. From the hilarious “Who Maid Who” or “Skin Flick” to our current showing “Confessions Of A Dirty Blonde.” We have some of the best playwrights, actors, and actresses to get you chuckling. We also want you laughing all night long so our MC will tell jokes during your meal. People love to come to the Herongate for laughs and we love to make them laugh.

An article can’t come close to what the real thing is like, so come on down to Herongate and see why we’re the longest running Canadian barn dinner theatre venue!

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