Nurse Jane Goes To Hawaii

Nurse Jane Goes To HawaiiBy Alan Stratton

May 20 – June 26, 2016

All Sundays are matinees:
12:00 pm arrival
12:00 pm arrival
show 2:00 pm



When Vivien Bliss, writer of Harlequin Romance novels, comes to spend a romantic weekend with respectably married school teacher Edgar Chisholm, she starts a train of events which involves all the classic elements of farce: confused identities, disguise, long lost relatives, ambushes, chases and glorious mayhem! How Vivien gets her new novel finished in the face of, behind the back of, in spite of and with the help of an advice columnist, a nosy reporter, a doctor in panty hose, an orphan with a cake and Helga the evil Russian physicist, is the story of this hilarious play.

“Howlingly funny … A sophisticated comedy and farce.”

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  1. Marilyn McQueen

    Will be visiting Toronto in July 2016 do you have any advance information on what will be showing then?? Please and thanks.

    • Steve Graham

      July 2016 features a Norm Foster comedy called ‘The Foursome” This is a great show and I know you will love our 4 Course Country Buffet and this Entertaining Play!

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