Let Herongate handle your next fundraising event!

Fundraisers, although a great cause, have the tendency to lack excitement. Scrap the bake sale and let someone else do the work; that’s where Herongate comes in! Not only does Herongate do all the work, your fundraiser reaps all the rewards. Herongate has a reputation of providing great food, great shows, and great pricing to organizations looking to run a fundraising event. Herongate should absolutely be considered while examining ways to raise money with a value packed event. Here’s why:

Herongate does all the work! Tickets are allocated to your event at $35 (Approximately half price) the fundraising organization has the opportunity to sell them at a retail of $60 (Or more, depending on what price YOU choose!) and reap the benefits of the reduced cost! You can sell anywhere from 120-150 of these tickets and your fundraiser receives the different between the two prices, while Herongate does all the work entertaining your guests like we do best!

So if you’re looking to entertain a crowd while producing a return for a noble cause, Herongate Barn Theatre has you covered. Let us handle the hard work and the laughs, while your organization focuses on the things you’ll do with the funds you’ve raised.


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