Herongate Ducks

New Herongate Baby Ducks!

Well!.. it started with 4 new baby Pekin Ducks and 1 week later Momma Muskovy came out proudly with 5 new babies of her own! Well, this created quite a stir around the duck pen! Everyone is celebrating and we are in need of new names but in the meanwhile, here are some pics of the babies for you to enjoy



In this video you can see Rosie,one of Herongates dancing ducks, who was attacked by a Mink and spent some time in the infirmary with Ann wishing you a Merry Christmas!






Rosebud, one of our oldest Ducks, passed away peacefully on the evening of January 4th among her friends and family. A talented performer, Rosebud was admired by many seniors at different retirement homes. ¬†She even appeared with Barb Clifford on Rogers TV program, ‘Know it All’ and always was very composed. She was dearly loved and will be missed by all her Herongate Family.



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