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The Historic Herongate Barn Dinner Theatre was constructed in the late 1800’s and has become an entertainment landmark for the past 46 years in Pickering, Ontario.

We are situated in the scenic Duffins-Rouge agricultural preserve, close to highways 401 and 407.

Herongate is a beautiful backdrop for any event. Our venue consists of a dining room on the ground floor, with the theatre located on the second level, separated from dining room activities and distractions.


Upcoming Fundraisers





Let us put your fundraiser here!


Fundraising is generally a lot of work…
Imagine doing a fundraiser where we do most of the work for you!

Herongate’s Community Value Fundraisers:

Herongate sets aside certain dates for each show so that Community Groups, Service Clubs & Charities can raise funds for their respective organizations . We can go a long way in helping you put the ‘FUN’ into fund raising.

From as little as 15 people to a maximum of 150 we can accommodate almost any size of crowd. If you can sell over 120 tickets we can even set up a ‘PRIVATE’ dinner and show.

Once you have proven to yourself how easy and successful fund raising at Herongate can be (because we do most of the work) we would be happy to set aside one or two days annually so you can plan ahead accordingly.

We will organize your tables, theatre seating, entertainment and a delicious 4 course meal which includes 4 entrees!

Option # 2:
Herongate’s Community Value Thursday Fundraisers

Special offer of $35 dollars, includes dinner, theatre, and taxes!!!

This gives each charity or organization a chance to raise more money and still sell tickets at a reasonable price of $70.00 or more. A quick and efficient fundraiser that can move you along at a fast pace. A fundraiser for the busy supporter, with a busy schedule.

A profit of $35.00 or more per ticket!

(Private event only. $35.00 – Must have a minimum of 100, up to a maximum of 140)

Herongate has a reputation of providing great food, great shows, and great pricing! Please consider Herongate when examining ways to raise money with a value packed event. If you have any questions, please contact the office and we’ll be glad to assist you. (905) 472-3085 or “Click here to contact/e-mail us”


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