Confessions Of A Dirty Blonde Ends And Run For You Wife Begins!


Our show Confessions Of A Dirty Blonde has come to an end and with that a new beginning. First we would like to thank the writers Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore as well as our amazing cast and staff! Here are some shots of the play as well as a description for any who may have missed it or want to remember the laughs and great times.

“The masters of modern farce are back with an outrageously zany comedy. The year is 1962. Living legend Lillian Lamour, a Mae West like sex siren, comes out of seclusion for a one night tribute at Carnegie Hall. While recreating her famous 1933 Time Magazine cover, a lion bites her world famous derriere exposing, among other things, that she is a he. Now Hollywood’s best kept secret will be revealed unless Lillian’s press agent can put a lid on things.

‘This screwball comedy in the tradition of the Marx Brothers is a scream.’”


Run For Your Wife is our newest show that will run until the end of the year. This is a hilarious play written by Ray Cooney and it always gets a laugh! So come out and laugh it up with the local community at Herongate, where laughs and art come together in harmony.


We will be ending this year with a New Year’s Eve dinner and show at our New Year’s eve gala! Come and celebrate the new year with us at Herongate. Have an amazing winter season, we hope to see you again soon!

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