The Odd Couple – female version

The lead characters are transformed into “Olive Madison” and “Florence Unger”, two suddenly single pals – a sloppy sportswriter and a fastidious news writer – strain their friendship by turning roommates

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Murder at the Howard Johnson’s

Is all fair in love? Even Murder? A funny suspense comedy with laugh lines, mirth provoking situations and extravagant sight gags!

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Growing old isn’t for Sissies! A charming, funny tale of four aging opera singers past their best, with their once golden voices reduced to a crock, they still maintain a spark of mischief!

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Broken Up

“If marriage is hell divorce is hilarious!” Nothing short of comic excellence as Meg moves into her new apartment and out of her old marriage

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Funny Money

Who wants to be a millionaire? Everyone does! Henry A. Perkins, a mild mannered C.P.A. picks up the wrong briefcase and it happens to be full of money!

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